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The family of new Ford SUVs available at Laramie Peak Motors comes from a proud history of formidable offerings. While every crossover and utility vehicle is different, those that wear the Blue Oval badge are all connected by a common theme: useful utility, capability, and value at every turn. From the small footprint and broad skillset of the EcoSport to the Explorer's substance-filled presence and luxuries, there is a Ford prospect in every existing SUV class that can be made your own.




A comfortable compact crossover with flexible zest. Everyone knows it by name--but against other competitors, the Escape's balance of utility and comfort is why it's owners can't get enough. Between three impressively powerful four-cylinder engines, the Ford compact utility also boasts a class-leading 3,500 lbs. max tow rating with equally-competitive efficiency ratings. Inside, the premium accommodations will never fail to feel a cut-above, while connected amenities from SYNC3 to MyKey keep you in the loop without distraction. Perhaps it's time to "escape" the notion that being able to have your cake and eat it is a bad thing.



An all-new subcompact crossover with accommodating ambition. The all-new EcoSport represents more than a fresh-faced prospect for our Lusk and Cheyenne drivers--it's a statement that size is no barrier when it counts! And if a maximum 50 cubic feet of cargo volume, accessibly-priced AWD upgrades, and amenities like 4G LTE Wifi and thirty ways to store additional items, you have found your match. But it's name isn't an homage to efficiency--that's the job of the standard EcoBoost I-3 and available I-4 version that powers it. Returning 29 mpg highway and a max 2,000 lb. tow rating, the EcoSport promises a first-impression smile that will endure--even "echo."




A spacious midsize crossover-SUV with luxurious utility. When you need room to grow, you pick a three-row midsize utility. Yet when you need room to spread out, the cavernous accommodations of the two-row Edge has acquired that taste. Wide and aggressive, yet elegant, the Edge offers three potent engine choices with available AWD, up to 3,500 lbs. of towing, and 73 cubic feet of cargo volume. Along with advanced safety and assistance features like a forward-facing camera, reverse-parking aid, and essentials like blind-spot, lane-keeping, and forward collision warning systems, finding a fit in this two-row midsize represents a truly exclusive "edge."



A formidable midsize crossover-SUV with family values. Introducing your children to the world with a secure base is a familiar value to any parent, and the Explorer is the time-tested automotive equivalent. Seven-seat utilities offer presence and safety, and the Blue Oval's entry does it with adventurous confidence. Intelligent AWD is available with every trim and all three engines, which can tow a maximum of 5,000 lbs. One step up from the base model, you can find blind spot warning, navigation, and leather upholstery, and up to 80 cubic feet of cargo space on every trim in the range! Whatever you need this popular three-row Ford to accommodate, you can nurture your inner "explorer" without compromising your values--or value in general.



A flagship full-size SUV with sprawling capabilities. Like it's pickup truck cousin, the Expedition is aluminum-light, iron-durable, and magnetically capable. Two wheelbase lengths net the Ford utility flagship between 105 to 121.5 cubic feet of cargo-swallowing ability, and ratings for between 6,000 to 9,300 lbs. of conventional towing. Owing to it's truck roots, the Expedition even acquires the F-150's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque--which has been reconfigured for SUV duty. Sometimes, even life's biggest milestones need to be moved, and when they do, you will thank your good taste for choosing an SUV that's amply prepared for the "expedition."

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