It is an exciting year for the Ford Mustang. The reason for this is because the former stain is offering new amenities to its drivers. The newest amenities offer it to for mustang drivers is the eco-boost engine. Ford has been contemplating allowing an ego boost option two mustang models, but this year‘s model is the first model to gain an eco-boost engine.

The eco-boost engine is both fans and environment-friendly. This engine has a four-cylinder engine that is turbocharged. The vehicle has a horsepower of more than 300 at 5,000 rpm. The eco-boost engine is assertive!

The Ford Mustang comes standard with several features that we are sure each consumer will love. Some standard features offered by the mustang includes hill start assist, a six-speed transmission, limited-slip differential, and driver assistant features. Overall, the Mustang is a great vehicle to drive. You will experience fun times in the all-new Ford Mustang!

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