The 2019 Ford Edge ST Offers a Slew of Performance Features

The 2019 Forge Edge ST is a full-size and popular SUV. While it looks much like most SUVs in terms of size, its performance and power features put it in another league. These features include specialized transmission modes, tuned engine responses, and high-power motors.

The 2019 Ford Edge ST includes a multi-mode transmission system with both manual and automatic shift availability. The ST transmission is built to stand up to the torque provided by the powerful motor, and also offers a Sports performance mode that optimizes shifting schedules.

These impressive shifting capabilities are backed up by the Ford Edge motor system. This muscular performance SUV is capable of turning out a prodigious 380 foot-pounds of torque, a number which makes it easy for this vehicle to tow a wide variety of large loads. The motor also includes six cylinders of turbocharged Eco-boost power supported by 2.7 L of cylinder displacement.

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