Ford Ranger Pickup Truck: Freedom to Pursue Adventures

If you want to live an adventurous lifestyle in Wheatland, WY, you need a reliable pickup truck. Having a mid-size body, the 2019 Ford Ranger allows you to enjoy such a lifestyle. You can ask Laramie Peak Motors about the three editions that are available for this all-new vehicle.

A 4x4 drive system gives this Ford pickup truck the ultimate versatility for off-road driving. If the rear wheels slip on mud or other rough surfaces, an electronic lock will adjust the rear differential. The adjustment leads to synchronized rotation of the wheels for optimum handling.

The Ranger model also has four different modes that are engineered to overcome weather and terrain-related challenges. For instance, you can activate a driving mode that's designed to improve traction on snow and mud. Additionally, the Trail Control technology prepares the vehicle for rolling up and down hills and steep landscapes that may not be paved or marked.

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