Increase the Cargo Capacity of the 2019 Ford Escape

The 2019 Ford Escape is designed for you to control how much space you have. You can decide on whether you need to drive people around or carry a bunch of stuff with the Ford Escape that you can look at during your visit at Laramie Peak Motors. The features are compelling in the way that they make your life easier.

With the 2019 Ford Escape, you get 60/40 folding seats which work very well in making room in the case you have items that you need to carry with you. For instance, you can easily carry luggage with folding seats.

You also get the 60/40 Split-Fold-Flat Rear Seat Backs which will allow you to carry extra items while at the same time driving passengers around. You will have 34 cu.ft. of cargo space which is plenty of space to carry a few larger items with you.

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