Check Out the Ford EcoSport and Its Capability

Are you looking for a capable but small SUV? It is time for you to come to Laramie Peak Motors and check out the popular EcoSport. This compact SUV from Ford has all of the capability features that you are seeking.

When you are stopped at a traffic light in Wheatland, WY, your vehicle does not have to be running. The Ford EcoSport helps you save on fuel by shutting off your vehicle's engine when you are idling. The vehicle will get started again quickly when the light changes and it is time for you to drive.

When you are stopped on a hill and you are worried about taking your foot off the gas because you think your vehicle might slide backwards, the Ford EcoSport helps you out. There is technology in this vehicle that is meant to help you out when you need to get your vehicle moving again while on a hill.

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